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Thread: supply laser module W-RGB10W

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    Default supply laser module W-RGB10W

    Hello everyone

    We will sell the W-RGB10W laser module:

    W10000(one module, 3 driver(15V 2A), two power supply(12V 8.5A 15V 23.2A) )

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20170722_145456.jpg 
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    W10000 power and beam
    (R3W/638nm G:3W/520nm B:4W/445nm )
    Output power:10.21(R:3.02,G:3.02,B:4.38)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_4670.JPG 
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    5 meter:10.69x3.74

    10 meter:19.31x6.53

    15 meter:27.85x9.75

    5 meter:8.78x10.36

    10 meter:13.88x17.65

    15 meter:20.37x26.73

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    I don't understand the meassurements in sizes. they are not be very exact. The divergence should we rising linear. Think you should meassure your beams at a much longer distance than the 15 meters else they and not exact enough.

    I tryed to calculate the divergence:

    Aperature:4.48 x 3.72

    5 meter:10.69x3.74 1.24mrad x ?? meassure again

    10 meter:19.31x6.53 1.48mrad x 0.28mrad

    15 meter:27.85x9.75 1.59mrad x 0.4mrad

    Aperature:4.35 x 5.40

    5 meter:8.78x10.36 0.89mrad x 0.99mrad

    10 meter:13.88x17.65 0.95mrad x 1.23mrad

    15 meter:20.37x26.73 1.07mrad x 1.42mrad

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    I suspect its down to how you can identify the fringes of the spot.
    At the aperture they're going to be hard to spot, at greater distance they'll be easier to see and take account of.
    Personally I'd just use the aperture and 15m measurements, and ignore the other 2.

    You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?

    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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    it was also more to show as you say all below 15 meter is not worth to meassure. I normally use 30 or 74 meter i have to a building i have at the shop. :-)
    But still a 1.6 mrad beam is not usable in my eyes. The go is a 1mrad or better, else it is to bad for graphics in long distance. But ok it would also cost in the high powers. But that what is needed :-)

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