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Thread: Upgrading two of my laser projectors

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    Default Upgrading two of my laser projectors

    Hi laserists, I hope you guys can help me.

    I've recently bought two second-hand 445nm laser projectors (analog modulation). The seller told me they are 1000mw.
    When I was playing around with these new toys I noticed that one projector was a bit brighter then the other and the beam of both projectors is a bit 'blurry'.

    Cleaning the optics didn't help so I thought maybe the diodes are at the end of their lives so I brought one projector to an laser 'expert' who tested the output power for me. He told me that the module was only doing about 500mw. I couldn't bring the other projector to this guy because it was taken apart for changing the power connectors to Powercon, but I guess it will be doing about 300-400 mw. Obviously not the 1 watt they used to be...

    Now I'm thinking about replacing the laser diodes/modules with more powerful components.
    I have quite a lot of experience with soldering electronics, but never replaced a laser diode.

    Is it possible to only replace the diode with, for example a M467? (
    And if the answer is yes, what do I need except for the diodes, a multimeter and a soldering iron? Where do I need to be aware of?

    Unfortunately I don't have any more data or details about the projectors (no brand, probably Chinese-build) but I will add some photo's of the components (driver, laser module)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Laser diode modules like yours don't really get "fuzzy" as they become damaged until they totally fail and become dim LEDs. Diodes can get damaged and loose their former peak brightness if they are run at too high current or become too hot. Blues tend to just die in my experience though and become dim LEDs.

    The fuzziness you describe may be some drifting of the collimation lens (the round screw-in one). Pictures of what you are seeing would help.

    I don't know who tested the power for you, but you'd need a constant modulation signal of 5V and a laser power meter to see what its actually outputting peak. There may be decreased output with increased temperature.

    Replacing the diode in your module requires getting the same size can diode, resetting the bias and gain, correction of the colimation lens and realignment of the other corrective optics. Oh, and the orientation of the diode need to be correct as well. These aren't typically things that you can do on your own without experience.

    If you share your location, you might find someone local-ish that would be willing to assist.

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