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Thread: Beam/dot issues on my red

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    thanks ive not used that.

    one of the mirrors is dis shaped
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    I use Caliope Opticlean for my camera and have used it on my laser optics such as dichros and the mirrors and brewster windows of my SP168 - and boy do they need to be clean!

    I have bought it from here

    I would be interested in your oppinion of it Jem - from someone in the industry so to speak. Not that it would put me off using it as as far as im concerned its the mutts nuts.
    One very handy thing you can do with it - and this is what I have done with my dichros is give them a coat of it on each side before trying to fit in the mount. Then it dont matter if you get a stray finger on the surface as it is protected. Once fitted you rip the coating off and Bobs you next door neighbour a super shiny clean optic. Marvellous!


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