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Thread: Hughes m60 laser range finder

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    As a new member, even if paying by PayPal I need more photo's, as well as the specific shots I need to see the collimator lens condition as well as to confirm you have possesion of this unit. Unfortunately, we have a scammer in this forum creating new member names, he has a history of ripping people off with fake high value watches, now miffed at this forum and looking to cause harm.

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    Send me your email and I will send you some pictures

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    I already sent and received one photo.


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    Yeah.. for $600 I would want quite a few detailed
    photos of the unit...

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    I still haven't been able to get to the bottom of this yet, I'm getting photo's, but something seems off.


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    Item is listed on Ebay

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    Nothing seems odd to me. I'd be bidding on it for sure because of the really old look of it, assuming the rod and lamp aren't broken. Looks sweet to me, and the price is reasonable for working parts. The pictures I've seen of the very early units are different though, and I'll hold out for something more like that. Unless this one sits on Ebay for a while and a much lower offer is considered. Anyway, I wish him good luck with the sale.

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    The flash lamp and the ruby rod and optics’s look good.

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    Send me your email and I will send pictures

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    Send me your email and I will send pictures

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