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Thread: Building and altering my lasers

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    Default Building and altering my lasers

    Dear laser lovers,

    I've some ( a lot of ) questions about laser building. I'm a laser lover sinds i was a little kid. I bought my first 5 mw red laser when i was about 15 years old. It was a tube size laser ( co2 ?, i cant really remember, but it was really expensive back then ). ever sinds i'm loving everything about lasers.. Now, ( and let me fist excuse me for my English, i'm from Holland ) many years later i have collected some real nice laser fixtures:

    2x 1,5 watt RGB 30kpps

    - Power Red: >500mW / 650nm
    - Power Green: >200mW / 532nm
    - Power Blue: >800mW / 445nm

    1x 3 watt RGB 50 kpps

    - Power Red: >1000mW / 650nm
    - Power Green: >650mW / 532nm
    - Power Blue: >1200mW / 445nm

    And recently i bought a new laser, but i'm not really sure what specs are, ( it came in a Laserworld PL3400 case, but it was rebuild with a ( just one ) far more powerful RGB White Module ) but my best guess is something like this:

    1x 5 (?) watt White RGB 50 kpps

    - Power Green: >1200mW (?) / 532nm
    - Power Red: >1800mW (?) / 645nm (?) ( i think 645 nm because of it's more brighter red color then my other 650nm lasers )
    - Power Blue: >2000W / 450nm ( pretty sure about that, i had it compared with such a module, it looked exactly the same

    Now for this last fixture ( i had no idea that it was rebuild when i bought it, i guess the seller didn't also, it was just a re-seller, but i think i got pretty lucky with this one ) the fist time i opened it, i was big surprised it was rigged with only 1 laser module and a lot of wasted empty space.. I did not know there where RGB white laser modules out there, so i looked it up and saw that those modules are quite new to this market. but it made my think: If i put 2 more of these modules ( there's still space enough ) i can make myself a 15 Watt RGB laser, witch I've always dreamed off..

    So i want to do some upgrading to my laser fixtures. But,. I've have a real hard job in finding ( white RGB ) laser modules and other stuff for sale on the internet. Modules only go up to 1.5 or 2 Watts, and good optics are also hard to find.

    Also, i really have to admit that i also do not have good knowledge to build lasers or to modify them, but i'm eager to learn more about it. So here is where you guys come in..

    Now it also happens that my 3 watt laser was custom build, and they did a really bad job unfortunately. overtime all optics went out of focus, but they glued everything together with no options to adjust the components. Not the lasers, not the scanners and not the optics .. So i want to rebuild this one using the same case, scanners and laser modules, but replace the optics and make everything adjustable.

    So my first question is: where can i buy good powerful laser modules and good laser optics ?

    And ( then again, my knowledge is very small ), do i need separate opticals for each color? Are some better then others?

    Further i want to tear down my 2 pieces of 2 watt lasers to equip them with 3 powerful blue laser modules to make powerful blue color lasers. Is it possible to just replace the red and green modules with blue modules? ( can i just switch them ? ) Do different power levels matter ? ( switch 1 watt for 2 watt ? )

    Yeah.. a lot of questions .. i know.. You guys have any thoughts? every bit of advise is welcome.
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    Welcome and thanks for being honest I n the skill level. You can really get hurt at these power levels so make sure of safety. If you want safety info ask. Since you are not adding I'm assuming your good there. Now towant you did ask
    There are a couple places in Europe you can go. Jors is on here a lot. He can custom build anything even if you don't see it on the site. Good parts. Don't know anyone there.

    Kvant of course. Expensive but quality. Pangolin sells there stuff I believe too.

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    Next. Modification. I do not recommend you modify your projectors based on what I read of your skill level on your own. You need someone local to help you. I forgot someone else near to you who can be added to the list of vendors and who might help you. He goes by Edison on this website. I think he's very near to your location. Then bit farther are Andy-con and noble gas. Plenty of others.

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    I started a reply at home and then had to leave for work but, I'll note a couple things here. My guess is your 5w white module does not have 532nm since I don't know of anyone that would pack a DPSS green into a module with diodes like that although, I suppose it's possible. More than likely if it's a single module, it's 520nm diode based. Also, combining the white modules as you mentioned will probably give you some fits dealing with positioning and waveplates and such and, I don't think 3 would be possible because of the polarity of the lasers. As kecked mentioned, that's also a tremendously scary amount of power to be messing with relatively little experience. I'd also take his suggestions and perhaps talk to jors, Andy or Edison.
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