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Thanks Kecked.

Haven't delved that deep before.
Do you have any documentation on the process? I haven't found much on google so far.

Only pots i have are standard 10 turns labelled "W1" "W2" "W3" and "W4".
Ugg. Chinese drivers don't usually have bias control in my experience, so its a gamble if you start screwing with the pots. Obviously one will be for gain and another for the TEC on that board, but I don't know about the other two.

Didn't you say you measured the power to the signal leads (when no signal is being sent) and found a floating ground causing voltage on those pins? If so, this indicates a wiring or PSU problem to me as opposed to bias setting issue and I would still be inclined to disconnect components and/or rewire to isolate the issue until you find it.

If alternatively you have 0V at the signal connectors to the drivers, then Kecked is likely correct. If it turns out to be an isolated problem on the drivers that you can't resolve, you could swap out the drivers with something else (assuming you have a 520nm green, not 532nm). Otherwise you'll be stuck replacing the green altogether.

Good luck in your hunt!