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Thread: anywhere to source elastic thermoplastic sheets?

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    Default anywhere to source elastic thermoplastic sheets?

    There are hundreds of flexible and-or elastic thermoplastic filaments available online for 3d printing, but I want to try out these materials with vacuum forming. In the 3d printing forums quite a number of people do vacuum forming with their DIY vacuum forming machines but none has thought of using elastic materials with them, they've only used the elastic thermoplastics in filament form for 3d printing. So what I'm saying is nobody I know knows where to source elastic thermoplastic sheets, not filaments. The materials Im talking about are TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), TPR (thermoplastic rubber), TPO (thermoplastic olefin). I know these can be thermoformed/vacuum formed. I know this forum as zero to do with thermoplastics but yall seem expoerienced in variety of fields so maybe some of you can hook me up to some seller.

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    TPO is used as heatshrink tubing isn't it? Might be a source if you could get it in large enogh diameters

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    I'm not sure, but it should be deformable without taking a permanent shape if its just thermoplastic and nothing added. Its also flexible but not elastic (if TPO is also not elastic then I apologize, then TPO shouldnt have been in my list).

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