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    I have an event opportunity coming up at a major museum. The event is from 2pm until 10pm-ish. They want dazzling stuff all day long, after 5 there will be lasers for sure, but between 2pm and then, I'm wondering what to do. It's a "church-like" space, with 100 windows. There might be some areas that are less bright than others. I'm wondering if Lumia during the day in a place like this might be feasible, and at what power level? The brightest I've done is 2W RGB laser into plexiglass I hit with a heat gun sandwiched with some shower-glass. The stuff did not melt, and the lumia looks incredible. I don't know at what laser power level the lumia material i'm using would melt, and if i need to upgrade my lumia materials as well as the laser power for this daytime event.

    Or is Lumia during the daytime a silly enterprise and I should not even bother?

    Another concept for the daytime was to "wrap" the building in diffraction grating film, if its a cloudy day that would be a big waste though, but if its sunny it could be breathtaking. Anyone have any clever ideas along these lines?

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    Scan during the day Lumia at night unless you can figure out a way to shade your "screen". You might want to say, "Oh hell no!" to stupid expectations in the future, but that's just a suggestion.
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    Our lumiators (seen at last years ILDA con) are around 2w monochrome, work ok in shaded daylight. But you can’t compete with the sun...
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