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    Hello there, I'm new here, it's a great forum, thank you!
    I have the following problem: A friend of mine gave me a laser set, it's"almost working". The problem is the laser doesn't have the ILDA port, it only has a preloaded "demo", but I need to be able to load my own texts/ figures. Anyway, I found the laser set, it's this one:
    In the 3rd photo of the last link we can see all the pieces (1xPSU, 2xPotenciometers, 1xMainboard, 2xGalvos controllers, 2xGalvos and 1xCable whit 2 ILDA ports, connected to the mainboard). Allof them are in my laser, except for the cable that connects the mainboard to the ILDA ports. I have a DB25 from an old motherboard (LPT1), but I don't know how to connect it to the mainboard (I don't have the pinout of the mainboard!). I sent an email to the factory for help and they sent me the manual, but the pinout of the ILDA connector is not in the manual. Here is the photo:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    At the top, you can see the connector of the unknow pinout, which is made of the only row of 9 pins. If any of you could help me with some information or some method to get the pinout using, for example, a multimeter, it would be great. Thank you very much.

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    Hello Santi90,

    Welcome to PL.

    Hmmm. Well the pinouts (in no particular order) for 9 pins to an ILDA connector are likely to be X+, X-, Y+, Y-, R+, G+, B+, RGB-, and ground. I would expect X+/X- & Y+/Y- to be grouped together and R+, G+, B+ to be grouped together. Figuring out which is which by experimenting with a 3-5V DC source is possible, but has the potential to damage your laser.

    Alternatively, you could dump that control board and tie the appropriate ILDA pins directly to the modulation inputs for your galvos and laser drivers. Its not a small job for someone new to lasers, but those control boards are a potential failure point anyhow and pretty much all of us here on PL despise Chinese driver board with "auto" and "music" modes for both safety and aesthetic reasons.

    You might want to list your location as there might be someone close to you that is willing to help. That would be the safest alternative for your laser.

    "Help, help, I'm being repressed!"

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    Hi Im pretty sure its the same wongsung board from Amazon. Ive three of these working both on ILDA and DMX Iff you send me a direct email link ill send you what info i have. Regards Al

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