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Thread: pinout on kvant safety board? GND FBX FBY INX INY?

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    Default pinout on kvant safety board? GND FBX FBY INX INY?

    i got a kvant projector without scanset and now i need some help on the safety board.
    the pins GND FBX FBY INX INY how should i connect these?

    i already have my scanners hooked up and running.
    now there is a 2 pin connector on both driver boards that is used to monitor each scanner. it has a signal pin and a GND.
    so my guess is GND from both drivers goes to GND safetyu card.
    Monitor from X driver to FBX (feedback X?) on safetycard
    monitor from Y driver to FBY (feedback Y?) on safetycard
    but what to do with the INX and INY ?

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    Safety Boards look at the trends and difference between the Galvo amp position signal output and the X-Y signals from the ILDA input. If the "Scan Fail" board sees the scanners stop moving or in some cases slow down too much, the laser will be blanked..

    So In-X typically goes to the ILDA X+ lead and In=Y goes to the ILDA Y+ lead in most cases. Remember to join the grounds as well. Usually the card has to be adjusted to match the operating conditions of the galvo amps and signal input levels. That data would have to come from Kvant.

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