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Thread: Classy Old CO2 Laser

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    Default Classy Old CO2 Laser

    Here's one I couldn't pass by, and took a few years of waiting for the seller to come to his senses about the price of it. It's a 1991 Laser Science Incorporated model PRF-150G pulsed flowing gas TEA CO2 system. I like it because it looks older than it is, and the head is not like any other laser I've seen. It has an output of a few hundred mJ at up to 130 nanoseconds pulse width and 150 pulses per second, 45 Watts average power at 10.6 microns wavelength.

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    Perhaps you could help me. I joined the group because I have some older equipment that was left to me. I want to sell it but, have no idea what it's worth. My sourrce was active in the business doing shows for concerts and in clubs, in the 90's. I'm hoping that someone in this group could give me a fair assessmsnt. I have quite a bit of it.



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