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Thread: ILT 5405A filament transformer taps

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    I do have the one on the board.. Did not count that...
    Boards look identical to yours..
    Some one wanted to save money on Iron and Copper in the US..

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    They're still pretty weighty with that big filament transformer in there. I'll do a compare of this and the 240V model side by side. Should be interesting to see if there are any differences.
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    The 5400B was at my front door when I woke up this morning. Repacked by pitney bowes, but these things seldom break like laser tubes. I'll do a cross comparison of the two, change the plug to the 5400B, Swap any boards that have dead parts, check and exchange any blown fuses, add my fans, don the hv gloves and safety glasses, and fire it up I have an engineer friend staying for a few days so two tech heads will be better than one. Hes still in bed snoring his head off, I wont say a word and just let him discover that a second laser PSU has magically appeared on top of the flight case where the ILT lives. He is also keen to see this thing up and running.

    At worst, all I'll need to do now is exchange the 240V fans for 110V ones, but I'm guessing the 240V model feeds 240V to the fans, so I'll start with those. The blue wires location on the small transformer should be a dead giveaway. Then it will be time to recalibrate my RPC-50-220. Stupid ebay seller sent me the 50mW one rather than the 600mW one.

    I will be interested to see what the differences are.

    Before I do anything, can this model be connected to a 5500ASL without problems? I assume altho there are design changes most of the 5400 supplies will work with most ILT heads. But then assumption is the mother of all f-ups... so had to ask first.

    I also found this on the website, for a chap that has a 5470K. The pinouts for the 5400B PSU Head socket - maybe this will help people:

    1 - Cathode heater
    2 - Housing Interlock
    3 - Protective earth
    5 - Housing Interlock
    6 - Anode
    7 - Head fan AC supply
    8 - Ground (insulated)
    10 - Power control
    13 - + 15V DC
    14 - -15V DC
    17 - Ignition voltage trigger <-- this is the one stopping me hooking it up, it's supposed to be 500V+ DC
    18 - Thermal switch Interlock
    19 - Light control
    20 - Head fan AC return
    21 - Thermal switch Interlock
    22 - Cathode heating

    Wonder would it be safe jumpering 2-5 and 18-21 and measure voltages of both supplies (after the cathode timer expires) and compare, or would the switcher have a hissy fit and die because there is no load.

    BLOODY ECK! its almost there!!! I wired up some 240V fans and the laser sprang to life on the 5405A power supply! but now it has a problem. After that I shut it down as the fans were running half speed, so I need to fit 115V fans. During the second run, I had a 115V top fan and still had the 240V side fans. I bumped the umbilical and the laser went out. I assume theres a problem with the umilical cable. Sadly its permenantly attached to the laser, so I cannot replace it. :/

    edit 2: popped open the laser head and reattached a wire to the pcb. Now it runs fine. Scary seeing a beam come out of this thing WHILE no fans are running! It'll go back to its place on the flight case until I get the right fans, and a transformer for the RPC-50-220 - someone replaced the tranny in this thing with a 115V model. Damn that transformer primary stank! Glad I caught it before it damaged anything else!

    Once I get the controller fixed and calibrated and fit the 115V fans, I'll be on the hunt for multiline optics for it, as this ones a single line, 488nm. But while I find the optics, I'll do a power/I curve on it, and take voltage/cathode current measurements.

    For those interested, the tap for 240V is the one below the neutral tap, so looking at the transformer from the front (with the cap board removed), the white neutral wires are at the top left terminal, the one below has a black wire going to the Low Noise Board, and thats the one you solder your grey wire. This converts it to 240V. Done forget to move the input wire on the small auxillary transformer (one that powers the RPC 50, fans and hour meter) to the 240V tap as well. In the picture below, the filament transformer tap is tap number 8.

    Further investigation will reveal if it is easy to switch the fans to 240V, simply by moving a wire on that small tranny.

    Quick and dirty beam shot:
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