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Thread: Pangolin Performer Console Board for LIVE Showtime Laser Show System Controller

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    Default Pangolin Performer Console Board for LIVE Showtime Laser Show System Controller

    Asking $400 plus shipping, good used condition.Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a rare limited edition Pangolin Lasershow Performer console controller lighting board for live laser shows and effects. It is very handy used with Pangolin Showtime LIVE Software. It works great and includes a 120v Power adapter.

    Please note that the Lasershow Performer Console has been discontinued as of March, 2011.

    Now any Pangolin user can play laser show cues live, using a professional-grade console: Lasershow Performer.
    It works with Lasershow Designer and Lasershow Designer 2000 programs, to extend the software-only Live! and LivePRO controllers. The LP console is perfect for clients such as discos, who prefer playing from a dedicated "button box" rather than a computer keyboard.
    Click to see enlarged view Lasershow Performer has nine banks of 48 cue buttons, for a total of 432 cues. The cues themselves are set up in advance using the Live! and LivePRO programs. Cues are highly flexible. Each cue can be a frame or animation, still or scrolling text, or any part of a Showtime show. The cues also can trigger TTL outputs for control of beams or other external devices. (For more information, see the Live! and LivePRO description pages.)
    Rest assured with robust communications

    Lasershow Performer communicates with the LD computer over a serial cable (using the computer's serial port). One of the key advantages of Lasershow Performer is that commands are extremely robust. There is verification between the Live! program (on the LD computer) and the LP console, so you can see that the connection is good.
    Should the serial connection be broken and then re-established, LP comes back to life and exactly shows the current state of Live! In fact, if power to LP is turned off, then on, LP will reset itself to show the current state of Live!
    With Lasershow Performer, you can rest assured in the minutes before your show that all communications are "go"!
    Lighted buttons put you in command

    LP uses high-quality, aerospace-grade buttons with multicolor lighting. This lets you glance at the console to check its status. Color indications are as follows:

    Bright orange: Key is selected or has "focus". (Example: a cue which is next in line to be run)

    Flashing bright orange: Key is active (Examples: a running cue, or the Fade or Zoom button if they are pressed)

    Yellow: Cursor keys, and any key relating to the cursor

    Red: Used only on the Blackout button. This button flashes red when there is no laser output; the flashing indicates communication with Live! If solid red, this means serial communication has been lost.

    Green: Key is available for selection.

    Not lighted: Key is not available (Example: Any cues which were not set up in Live!, or any banks which have no cues)

    Keep up to date with an LCD display

    Lasershow Performer shows you a two-line LCD display, with five different modes. These modes give you text or numeric information:

    Current Cue (key number and name)

    Next Cue (key number and name of upcoming cue)

    Elapsed Time (of the currently-playing cue)

    Remaining Time (of the currently-playing cue),

    Parameter Value (shows size, brightness, speed, rotate, color and position).

    Play sequences or random

    In many situations, you'll directly select the cue you want, by pressing its button. But in some situations, it's handy to have Lasershow Performer do the selection for you. There are two autoselection modes, Next and Random:

    Next: Each time the Next button is pressed, the next cue in order is pressed (e.g., cue 1, then cue 2, then cue 3, etc.). This is valid for the current bank only; it will not go into other banks.

    Random: Each time the Random button is pressed, a cue is selected randomly from all cues in the current bank.

    Play to beats or from audio

    You can sit back and relax with three ways to have Lasershow Performer "perform" all by itself!

    Microphone: Lasershow Performer includes a built-in microphone that responds to the bass beats of music. Simply put it into the audio mode, then select "Next" or "Random" mode to choose how LP changes new cues on music beats.

    Audio: This works the same as Microphone mode, but using an RCA line-in jack to bypass the internal mic. In noisy environments, this ensures that only the music will trigger a cue.

    Timed: You select Timed mode, tap keys to establish the beat of the music, and then LP will continue at that rate.

    Designed by laserists, for laserists

    Lasershow Performer was designed with the input and testing of laserists in a variety of situations. This is why we believe LP is the most flexible, feature-filled console for laser cue playing. Here are some additional features showing how LP is adaptable:

    Two-level brightness: LP's buttons can be set to bright, for use in discos and other brightly-lit environments, or dim, for use in planetariums and other dark settings.

    Desk or rack mountable: LP can be used either on top of a desk, or can be mounted in a standard 19" rack. Every LP console ships with a set of "ears" which screw onto the left and right sides, for rack mounting. In its rack configuration it takes up 4 units.

    Button lockout: You can lock and unlock the keys by pressing a special button combination. This will prevent unauthorized users from "messing around" with LP's keys.

    Designed for rugged use. LP's designers at Lasscan have many years of experience with disco and nightclub installations. They know the abuse that consoles and controllers take in these toughest-of-all environments, so they made sure the console uses rugged, high-quality, long-lasting components.
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