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Thread: dj crossfader/mixer

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    ah good point about linear stuff. the quad slider module i linked to above that i'm considering is linear. dj mixers aren't linear, i imagine, thanks for pointing that out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxcady View Post

    i still feel like i'm missing a piece of the puzzle, does anyone see a clever idea somewhere in here?
    Sliders have two strengths - (1) it's easy to look at a bunch of sliders and SEE just where they're set, and (2) you can make changes on as many as you can reach with your fingers at the same time. They're not particularly good at fast up and down repeated movement - that's where rotary pots come into their own. A cross fade module is a hardwired device that can only do cross fades. The alternative is a gain module built around Analog Multipliers - depending on the inputs to the multipliers you can do gain, symmetry, cross fade, spiral, diamond spiral, and audio mod.
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