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Thread: Help Needed Render Maple Leaf with LaserShowGen LSX Lite ILDA SOS

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    Default Help Needed Render Maple Leaf with LaserShowGen LSX Lite ILDA SOS

    This is the first time I've tried to make an ILDA .ild file and it's not going well.

    I have a Dolphin C189 projector (Chinese) which takes Type 0 ILDA files. Works great for what it is. Been running "canned" content so far.

    I have licensed copies of: LaserShowGen, LSX Lite, ILDA SOS, InkScape. As well I'm an Adobe CC subsriber so have the whole Adobe Library at my disposal.

    All I'm trying to do is project the outline of the maple leaf from the Canadian flag in green (could be in any colour) and I'm getting garbage or a partial image at best.
    I initially composed the art in LaserShowGen as a frame and it saved it as a Type 5 ilda file (no option for Type 0). I'm running it through ILDA SOS to convert it to Type 0 which is what this laser box seems to prefer.

    I'll attach a few files (.igf is zipped) so someone can: help me, fix me, spoon feed, point me in the right direction, whatever you can do. Thanks.

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    Fixed it myself. LaserShowGen indeed does have an option to create either a Type 0 or Type 5 ILDA file.

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