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Thread: SSY-1 YAG Laser head needed asap

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    Default SSY-1 YAG Laser head needed asap

    Hey guys I am just looking for someone who is willing to sell their yag laser SSY-1 to me for 150 dollars. Must be working! It is a Christmas gift for my son.

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    Here's a 150 dollar "YAG" but he probably won't be punching holes in aluminium with it without a Q-Switch optic, which I doubt very much this has, not for what the seller says it was used for. I don't know if it is really a 1064 nm wavelength YAG or not. Does anyone here know if this little unit can potentially punch holes in aluminium or razor blades if focused down to a small spot without a Q Switch?

    Edit: Based on the sellers reference to this being a lypo laser, appears it might indeed be a ND:YAG at 1064 nm: but you would need a high voltage source and trigger to get it to flash, some of the parts to build the HV power supply can still be bought cheap at - the capacitor and inductor can, most of his other SSY-1 parts he had which would work with a small YAG like this sold out.

    For a working, ready to play YAG, I'd try to contact some of the guys who put video's of SSY-1 lasers up on YouTube and see if they might want to sell them. When you mention this is a gift for your son it does concern me, the intensity of the flash from one of these can blind, just from a reflection alone, very dangerous. Maybe your son is an adult but I wouldn't give a gift like this to a young teen and if you did, they would need laser googles good for YAG energy levels for anyone in the room or who could be flashed by it.

    Asking to buy a working SSY-1 laser with the power supply and all might not be successful due to concerns about liability, if an adult without mention of this being a gift for your son, maybe someone would, but giving those details, I don't know I would sell one.
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