I have an an early RGB LP2000, & itís manual from the manufacturer. The decals which label the alignment screws have mostly worn off. So has the diagram of same which should be screen printed on the top casing.

It also seems to have an extra control not mentioned in the manual: namely a rotary Switch which seems to turn on the R, G & B Lasers in various combinations, which I assume relates to the various steps in the alignment process. But this needs to be in the last position for full RGB operation, even when using external DAC control.

There are 2 Red laser modules, a single Green, but I cannot tell if there are 1 or 2 Blue laser modules. I thought I started aligning 2 Blues, but
one seems to have stopped working; intermittent or heat related fault??

Iím resisting the urge to remove the top covers fully. I did remove the outer top, but there is a second inner cover. This has a glass viewing window showing the beams, dichros, mirrors & cube. I didnít remove it as I read a warning not to, saying it was assembled in sterile lab conditions, or does that apply to the laser modules themselves.

i must be doing something wrong. It scans simple graphics, but I tried the ILDA Test Pattern, which was a mess. Maybe I was trying to scan too wide. I read something about 8 degrees. But using LaserShowGen & a Helios the pattern occupied the whole frame; am I supposed to scale it down/shrink it to 8 degrees??

i was wondering if anyone has any experience with these laser projectors & has any advice for me or who could help?

Many thanks,
si bond.