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Thread: 660nm 350mw laser diodes

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    Default 660nm 350mw laser diodes

    I am looking for the old open can 660nm laser diodes from someone in the USA. I can get them from China but the shipping doubles the cost. I need four or more of them.

    im looking for 473nm laser diodes as well as 488 but need at least 100mw

    might just 462 505 if I have to but would rather not.

    also looking for long 520 diodes running 525 or more again 100mw or more. 530 preferred.

    looking for diodes 630 or shorter.

    yes I understand so is the world but might as well ask. Trying to avoid dpss and gas.

    660 642 632 532/525 520 515/510 505/488 473 462 450

    found a 556 dpss never knew existed.

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    I have a tray of 18 or so of the shorter length 660 diodes. I bought them from a china seller years ago, they were supposed to be LOC diodes. I think they are good for 250mw. Can't remember. You are welcome to as many as you want. No charge.

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