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Thread: color tuning

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    wellllllllll, i sidestepped the issue. My laser has analog diodes so I should be able to get all the colors
    (but probably not grey/black, right??).

    I just hardcoded 13 hues (red,orange,yellow,lime,green,cyan-green,cyan,cyan-blue,blue,purple,magenta,pink, and WHITE)
    White ain't a hue, but whateverz.

    I got 13 highest intensity hues, and 13 lowest intensity ones, and I'll see what happens when i try to interpolate between em.

    I'm making pretty good progress TODAY at least.
    My dot to dot logic is starting to work but still buggy.

    Got me some growing rectangles, 13 + 13 hues each in a line, rotating shrinking triangles, aaaand
    I'm starting on a beam plane. Then finally, basic beam show.

    It is pretty freakin fun !! (now that i am fiiiiiiiiiiinally makin some progress

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    Good to hear! Pictures?

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    mmmmm pretty soon circa next week. this weekend i show this dang thing off and i'm not NEARLY as far along as i thought i'd be

    but, eh, i shoulda known too. i'm cool with my progress so far.

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