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Thread: DutchLEM 2019: 8-10 February 2019

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    Default DutchLEM 2019: 8-10 February 2019

    Hi Guys,

    I am organising another DutchLEM (Dutch Laser Enthousiast Meet).
    After having consulted with Rob Faulkner we picked the date below.
    I hope you all can make it and by communicating this early i want to give everybody a chance to arrange flights, hotels etc.

    DUTCHLEM 2019
    Start: Fridaymorning 8th of February 12.00u
    End : Sundayafternoon 10th of Februari 17-18u (5-6PM)
    After teardown we can do the traditional visit to the WOK restaurant in Stiens it's a few km in the direction of Leeuwarden
    (Almost everyone will pass it on the way back....)

    Doarpshuis De Nije Tille Marrum
    Ringweg 21
    9073 HG MARRUM
    53°19'22.90"N 5°48'10.80"E

    Entrance will be 20 EURO for 2 or more days.
    Entrance for One day will be 10 EURO

    If enough people show up food (chinese buffet) will be included on SATURDAY night (maybe a small amount is needed to pay for the food, last year we had to pay 5 euro each). For people that don't like chinese or who are vegetarian we can ofcourse order pizza.
    There is a supermarket at 200m walking distance, also snackshop / chinese restaurant is there for people that like to eat that.
    And ofcourse Fred can make you breakfast for a very good price.

    Sleeping in the hall is no problem, bring your airbed, pump, sleepingbag etc.
    There are also hotels and B&Bs in the neighborhood.
    Biggest city in the neighborhood is Leeuwarden, with lots of choices in hotels.
    But again, since the building is an old school we have 2 or 3 classrooms to sleep in.

    Hopefully our Dutch, English, Belgian, German and Lithuanian friends will be present again ?

    So looking for a fun event with lots of lasers, people from a lot of countries, shows, tinkering ?
    Come to DUTCHLEM !

    Questions? Ask me.

    We also have a FB event, you can find it here:

    Gijs van Waversveld
    Albert Bosma
    Rick Bosma
    Koen Derix
    Pieterjan Ruysch
    Dustin Snijders
    Michel Rietveld
    Richard de Vent
    Emile Chauvin
    Bram Wilbrink
    Paul Gee
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    Why not just a central place like Utrecht? more closer to drive from Belgium
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    I'll give you 3 reasons.

    A) Money (halls in the central part of the Netherlands (called "Randstad") are more expensive.
    Even if 15 people come we can pay this hall and i only have to charge 20 euros for the whole weekend or 10 euro for a day. Other LEMs are way more expensive.

    B) Distance is relative. I drive to LEMs in Germany (400km single way), UK (700km single way). I myself have to drive 165km to get there, and i don't complain...

    C) Fred, the caretaker. No other LEM has such a dedicated caretaker so we like to stick to the current location.
    I cannot explain this. If you come to the LEM you'll know and never ask a question like you did again ;-)

    So stop whining, get in your car and next time be there ;-)
    Or not, and set up your own LEM, and i'll visit your LEM.
    But lot's of people say they are organising one and then you never hear from them, the last 10 years only Stoney3K organised a LEM (once in Eindhoven), Maurice ( 2 or 3 times (maybe more) Ilpendam) and Bart (once in Haarlem) and myself 7 times (Marrum, since 2011). So i keep doing what i do and gladly visit a LEM you organise just around my corner (Amersfoort).
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    I didn't fail !
    I just found out 10,000 ways that didn't work.

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