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Thread: Arctos are just plain nuts

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    Default Arctos are just plain nuts

    20 watt balanced white RGB projector... 48 red diodes for 7.5watt of red, 12 blue (442nm) diodes for what i'm guessing would be 5 watt or so of blue (I WANT TO KNOW WHAT DIODES THEY ARE USING!!!), and two big greenies... the thing actually does 30 watts unbalanced.


    dave found it at laserfreak....
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    wow that would be great out doors!

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    I reckon it would be great in my garage
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    What a monster!! How many years of work did it take to align all that?

    Yes the blue diodes can be interesting, if 5 watts / 12 it means >400mW per diode...

    Edit : I found the answer of the build time : 3 days to build the reds, and 1 day to align them

    More pictures, taken with neon lights ON :
    (now I find that my 800mW RGB projector is ridiculous

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    that is freakin" beautiful!

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    AAAAAAHHH, That guy means business...

    Guys, please help
    I have made my rgb, but did not use any prism to combine the beams. just the dic filters, now I always need to adjust the alignment depending on the distance the laser is working?

    Would a prism resolve this issue?

    sorry for jumping in on this tread....

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    Quote Originally Posted by werner1619 View Post
    I have made my rgb, but did not use any prism to combine the beams. just the dic filters, now I always need to adjust the alignment depending on the distance the laser is working? Would a prism resolve this issue?
    Hi Werner;

    No, a prism will not solve the issue. You need to go back and re-adjust your optical table. If the only adjustment you have is on the dichros themselves, then you will only get perfect alignment at a set distance from the projector. If you change the projection distance (the throw), you will have to re-adjust everything.

    Now, if your lasers are mounted perfectly, so that all the beams are exactly at the same height and are perfectly parallel to the baseplate, and also are mounted so that they strike the dichro at exactly a 45 degree angle, then you don't need any further adjustment. But in reality, most lasers have beam heights that vary slightly from one laser to the next. Also, most of the time the beam is not quite parallel to the base plate. This causes misalignment, which can only be partially corrected by the dichro mounts.

    So what you need to do is build a little movement into the mounts for your lasers. Then you need to make sure all 3 beam heights are exactly the same. Then you need to align the lasers to be parallel with each other. And finally you need to adjust the aiming of each laser so the beams are perfectly perpendicular to the final output beam path.

    *THEN* you can fine-tune everything with the adjustments you have on the optical mounts for your dichros.

    What you're looking for is good alignment in both the near field (a meter or less from the galvos) and in the far field (6-8 meters away from the galvos) at the same time. You have to keep checking both near field and far field as you do the adjustments. But when you get that dialed in, you'll be good to go.


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    Sounds like near-field alignment is out. You should see 1 dot on each of the dichros or right at the projector aperature (like on a piece of paper) as well as a single dot >200 feet away .

    Adam- you beat me to it! Oh well I'll leave my post anyway
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails alignment.JPG  

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    Thanks for the explanation guys,
    But it sure is easier said than done?

    Here comes another long night.....


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    i found ARCTOS patents with all the diagrams to view the diagrams click on "Original document" the only thing is its all in German
    but if you click on "Description" then "translate this text" its in English i dont think its the full doc only the description

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