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Thread: Where to get high performance scanners

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    Default Where to get high performance scanners

    Hi Guys.
    Im going to build a old school laser system using a gassed argon laser as mentioned on another thread.
    im having problems finding a suitable scanning system.
    because my laser source is permanently on. No modulation. I get tracing lines on my graphics. A squiggly line returning back to the starting point of the drawing.
    I require a extra galvo which is called a Z blank. This works the same as modulation and provides the gaps in the scan for the graphics.
    Where can I get a fast scanning system with the extra z blanking?

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    it's not just a third galvo. you need a retroreflecting blanking system like this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    it would probably be easier just to pick up a pcaom. that way you would get intensity *and* color modulation from your argon.
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