Good morning/afternoon/night,

My Kvant Clubmax 1800 is no more aligned and it seems I'll have to do my first laser alignment, ever. Therefore I would like to come prepared with the right gear & knowledge!

The laser specs:
Colour Wavelength Output
Red 637nm 300mW
Green 520nm 600mW
Blue 445nm 1100mW

The two eyewear pieces they've available in the Kvant shop are: (I presume this is the correct one, just slightly puzzled about not covering my frequency range??)

I don't mind shopping from somewhere else (UK/CZ/EU), such as (glasses range is here:

Clubmax 800 & 1800 have much more user friendly adjustment via front 2-silver bolts entry and their guide is very descriptive and for these two the risk is apparently extremely low to get accidental exposure, but glasses do not expire if well stored, right? So future-proof investment and safety first with lasers, unlike Viper Club (Prague, Czech republic) that was blasting blue beams over the dance floor and glass front view, straight onto the road and almost blinding my Uber driver!

On completely unrelated note, yesterday in one of the Prague clubs I've seen Kvant laser that was Height & Width same as Clubmax 1800, but depth was only ~half! It was so cuute like a puppy! But scouring through Kvant's website I do not seem to find any product that would match such a small case? Any clues on which model that would be?