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Thread: SELEM 2018 Sign-up Thread

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    Ok, back to Dimmers.... now that I have a few minutes.
    As has been said, it is true that there are occasionally wives/girlfriends and such that attend SELEM but, it is also true that unless you're really into lasers, it can be long days for them. We tend to go pretty hard from 10am until 2 am, particularly on Friday/Saturday. Newton isn't the most thriving metropolis with a lot of things to do within walking distance so, yes... doing something touristy on the front or back end of SELEM such as the side trips in Washington or Philadelphia probably makes some sense for her sake. And honestly, there is a city called Asheville about an hour from Newton that's very easy to lose yourself in for several enjoyable days too. Knowing you, I think you'd be fine if you even wanted to do the rent a car thing and drive from JFK or Charlotte. Once you get away from New York City and the New Jersey Turnpike, the drive isn't bad and in parts can be quite scenic. Interstate 81 can be a long boring ride but, there are plenty of mountains and such to see. I'm usually doing that part in the middle of the night though.
    One thing you may want to keep in the back of your mind is that for a couple of years and... this year as well, we've done a outdoor public show for the town of Newton, most recently accompanying the Western Piedmont Symphony (yes... live lasers to classical music) and if we get invited to do that again, it may very well be worth while to stick around on Sunday as well. As was mentioned, the busiest days are Friday and Saturday. Tuesday and half of Wednesday are typically a lot of set up and socializing. Thursday through Sunday morning is really the "sweet spot" where you will see, hear and do the most. And if you're making the trek, we'd certainly want for you to be there on Saturday afternoon for the annual group photo.
    I'm hoping 2019 will be a year that sees a few people from over the pond be able to come. Maybe you can spearhead an effort to get people like Jem, Stanwax, Briggs, AndyCon, smog, and such to come as well.
    PM Sent...

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    I won't make it like every year but have fun folks! I would make one too many Adams... Maybe catch 'yall afterglow at NWLEM if that happens

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