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Thread: Home built projector V2

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    Diodes don't jelly bean. That only happens on DPSS from temp issues. You got a scope? Look at the modulation lines and see if you find a high frequency component. IF so trace it or bypass it with a 0.1uf cap.

    Notice its only on the y axis. another clue.... do you see it that way with your eye? almost looks like a raster.

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    You only see it on the y axis because there are no beam correction optics. That's raw output from the diode lens. Yes you can see it with the naked eye.

    I was hoping that someone else using a usbstreamer, adat, or lovell drivers might be able to chime in. I am wondering if it's a modulation speed issue. I'm currently running 44.1khz from the usbstreamer to the adat, I'm going to bump it up to 48khz and see if that changes anything. Also going to check grounds between drivers and adat and try to take a look at the signal input to the drivers as kecked suggested. Has anyone else noticed this issue with lovell drivers, an adat, or usbstreamer? It may help narrow down my problem.

    I ask mainly because the issue shows up on all colors equally, and is not specific to a color.
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    I would throw a 4700uf cap on the output of the PSU powering the diode drivers or maybe even a high frequency filter. I have noticed some of the cheaper switching PSUs put out a lot of noise. Might be worth putting a scope on the PSU to check the noise. They are heavy and inefficient but sometimes I still like PSUs with good ol' fashion iron!

    I have some of the Lovell drivers but I haven't hooked them up yet.
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