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Thread: Can't get Maxwell to work

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    Default Can't get Maxwell to work

    I love the abstracts Maxwell creates but I can't get it to run on my computers. I've got a mid 2012 Macbook Pro which runs Maxwell, but the output to the laser via Helios isn't working properly, it updates the pattern very slowly and isn't playing what I see on screen. I've got a cheap PC laptop which won't run the Sprout version of Maxwell (error 'cannot create directx/opengl interop' ). The non Sprout version runs fine on the PC but doesn't support my Helios dac.

    Does anyone know a way around the directx issue with a cheapo laptop/graphics card?

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    Have you contacted Jonny about it? I've found he's always been very helpful with support.

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    I Had probs...but tried a 3rd PC AND works great...both members were very helpful.
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