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Thread: Good bye

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    best wishes---SO glad I got to meet you!!
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    A little bit OT, but since there is a goodbye thread, how about a hello/introduction thread. Unless I've missed it...
    I'm new here and I'd love a place where I could introduce mysef and get to know people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexanderObrien1954 View Post
    how about a hello/introduction thread.
    Welcome to photonlexicon. Always nice to see new members! Please complete your profile information when you get a chance. That way people will know where you are located, making it easier for them to offer assistance if they are nearby.
    I'm new here and I'd love a place where I could introduce mysef and get to know people.
    The best place to start a new introduction thread would probably be the meet-and-greet sub-forum. Although you could also introduce yourself with a new thread in the lounge if you prefer.

    One cool thing about the meet-and-greet sub-forum is that there will often be new threads in there talking about upcoming laser enthusiasts meetings. Attending one of these events is probably the best way to get to know people and also learn a lot about all things laser related. There is actually one going on right now in Florida, in fact.


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