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Thread: Golden Star w2000 Laser RGB 2W

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    Default Golden Star w2000 Laser RGB 2W

    Hi, after read a lot on this forum and ask for some advice, i contacted Mimi to buy this laser. It seems to be the best option for me, balanced price and quality.
    Less than a month i received the laser in Argentina. Im DJ here, i work in weddings and birthday.

    Specs: Red> 500MW/638nm
    Green: 500MW/520nm
    Blue : 1W/445nm
    control: DMX, SD and ILDA

    i really like this laser, i attached pictures and videos. colors are great, effect very nice, 30k scanner do a great job with custom .ild files i do using LaserShowGen program.
    thanks again for all the advices and good information.
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