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Thread: 565nm/575nm yellow laser

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    Following this thread too!

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    I am interested in one of the 575nm lasers. Will send a PM.

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    Default Higher power 565 and 575nm

    Quote Originally Posted by djeric68 View Post
    PM Sent. Interested in getting a few of these.

    Any idea of when you will have the 300-500mw versions? Weeks? Months?

    Hi if you are interested in higher power laser modules I do have some 565 and 575nm.
    They are coming in on the laser power meter at around 45-55mw. They will peak at 60mW+

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    I am also interested in the 300 mw or higher output power units.


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    I am looking forward to my 575nm laser to ship sometime today. I am far more active on LPF and Dr.Laser over there has received two of these. One he has done a teardown of to show what is going on inside. This seems to be a great deal to come along at the same time as all the new Sharp direct diode wavelengths. I have been binning these by wavelengths for months. Ever since the release of the 473nm to 478nm diodes and the most recent 486nm to 492nm wavelengths.


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