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Thread: o.k that does it!

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    Default o.k that does it!

    the newest member is named timelord,the doctor has pic files at lost galifreyian (hope i spelled that right)something or other...

    our local pbs staition here in oregon just ran the new doctor who series first season.
    i loved it!!!

    a few of the episodes didn't hit me so hard but i remember crying during the dickens one and the one where the lone dalek is imprinted with roses dna.
    fucking loved it!

    i was pleased to see that season two is coming.


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    Glad to see it made it across the water and has fans ... DR WHO has always been brilliant .. and continues to be so ... series 3 just finished here has been my favourite although i diidnt get to see all episodes

    Dr Who Rocks !

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    I noticed that Timelord yesterday, but I'm keeping shtumm, nowt to do with me. I agree, the Eccleston/Piper series is good stuff (Especially the Dickens show, which ranks with the best of Baker's time). Not sure about the rest, haven't seen enough to know. I'd like to see the Tom Baker shows again, most of which I never saw, but he was the best, well, all the first four, I think. Not sure if they will pass the test of time though. I read the books, mostly, and imagination is a powerful thing.
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    I grew up on the Tom Baker series.
    I'd have to agree, Those were the best. maybe it was the times, dunno.
    To me, none of the rest of the actors has his charm and whit..
    Altho, the new series is more "High Tech" which helps.
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