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Thread: Ether Dream 2... can't get it to play .ild files with autoplay.txt

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    Default Ether Dream 2... can't get it to play .ild files with autoplay.txt


    I'm new here and a new laser owner. I have a Casa Luxury-G500 and an Ether Dream 2. I have been trying to send the Ether Dream OSC commands to play .ild files on the micro SD card and getting nowhere... so I decided to try using autoplay.txt to see if it would work at all. That doesn't seem to be working either. According the the manufacturer this laser goes into ILDA mode when it is connected to a DAC... I believe that part is working, because without autoplay.txt the Ether Dream causes the laser to shut off, but when the ILDA cable is disconnected the laser goes into automatic mode. But when I use autoplay.txt to try to play a file, the laser also goes into automatic mode after a moment as if the Ether Dream isn't connected. I can't tell where the problem lies but it seems like the Ether Dream is not cooperating for some reason. I am thinking the reason the OSC messages weren't doing anything is also because it is just refusing to play the files I put on the SD card. According to the diagnostic tool my Ether Dream is ready and on the network, and I also did an nmap port scan to make sure UDP on port 60000 is getting through.

    Would anyone here be able to help me figure out what is wrong?

    Thank you.
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    Can you send me (either attach here, or email to the autoplay.txt file you're using? I'll take a look.

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