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Thread: Is this for real: Divergence 1/2 angle <.075mrad (10%)?

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    Default Is this for real: Divergence 1/2 angle <.075mrad (10%)?

    I was looking at a Spectraphysics (now Newport) laser:

    that had the following beam divergence specs:

    1/2 angle <.075mrad (10%)

    Is this a typo? I've never seen any beam divergence that low, and I though the property was a function of the aperture, more of a physical constraint than a manufacturing process.

    BTW Any guesses how much this thing costs?

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    As for the price, I would assume somewhere around $15k. Still the full angle divergence would be 0.15mRad so it's not that unbelievable. Some eximer lasers used for wafer-fab can be down to 0.0025mRad divergence with a 1mm square beam.

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