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Thread: Co2 Laser Re-Gas discussion

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    Default done

    Quote Originally Posted by mixedgas View Post
    Ed, let me know when you have all this copy-pasted and have grabbed the links. There is one post here I'd like to redact.


    all copyed, and triple saved, done!!!


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    Default sucsess on 80 and 130watt tube

    looks like the 40 watt tubes are not the best for refill, i have sucsessfully refilled a 90watt reci w2 tube to 115watt power and a 130watt reci w4 tube to 155watt

    Quote Originally Posted by sinfocomp View Post
    ive got all the equipment needed and partially sucsesfull at recharging and old 40 watt tube,
    but i only get about 50% power
    any thoughts?

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