Greetings folks,

It's been a while but I thought since I've hours to kill I'd leave a load of bollocks here.

I started a new job today, fortunately within 20 mins drive of my house (yay! no more commuting !) and have been sat down with my own laptop and given internet access.

However due to corporate policy (My employer is a bank) I don't have any logins, passes, badges etc - so I've spent all of today sitting here surfing facey and reading news sites.

I am getting paid for this, must remind myself.

I arrived on time this morning, and was met by one of the guys who's in the team I'm working in - first thing he says is "Did you bring a laptop?" (I did) he notices it and says "good" otherwise I'll just introduce you to the team and you could go.


I would have got paid for it but could be drinking beer right now, in the sun, with someone special.

But even so, I shouldn't moan. I have work - I can pay my bills and afford new underpants.. what a wonderful world.

So, fellow Laserists - regale me with humorous stories or how you lost your virginity (see humorous stories) ANYTHING to help me pass the next hour and a half.

Love you long time.