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Thread: Minuit Une and laser safety

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    Default Minuit Une and laser safety

    I'm interested to get some thoughts about these things and laser safety.

    See here:

    An interesting product, involving a centralized spinning, rotating mirror, and 4 blade mirrors to steer the scanned output..

    What is even more interesting is the claims on this page regarding laser safety.

    From what i can make out in videos, the beam is low divergent, so i would have thought the peak power is going to be the limiting factor ( these are a 10w fixture)
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    It's very safe.. the divergence of them is quite large and so is the starting beam. I had seen them on prolight and sound.

    However: They cost a lot for what they can do and imho you are better off getting a laser projector over a fixture like this. I think they are too gimicky.

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