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Thread: Co2 Laser tubes ebay

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    Default Co2 Laser tubes ebay

    so... I nearly hit buy on one of these yesterday -

    but at the last second bottled it!

    I came up with the idea of modding my cnc router to add aco2 laser to it. There are lots of co2 tubes on ebay at good prices, but there is a lack of matching psu’s.

    Im interested in an 80w tube like so – poXrUXXw

    there are a couple of psu’s floating around like so -

    anyone have any experience?

    Also what would you need to get a co2 laser into a fibre? Andthen exit correctly the other end for cutting?

    I may decide this is all to much faff and just buy the 40wmachine

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    Chris Short (Swamidog) built a laser cutter from scratch (including the X/Y gantry), and it's got a CO2 laser at it's heart. I'm sure he can give you some pointers.


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