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Thread: Fiber laser focus optics for marking and engraving?

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    Default Fiber laser focus optics for marking and engraving?


    I'm thinking of experimenting a bit with a fiber laser for my CNC-machine, it would be nice to have a laser that I could temporarily clamp on to my bigger CNC-machine that doesn't require a dust free environment like the CO2's I have and takes less place.
    I would like to try a near IR like 804/808nm or 980nm but the problem is often that they come with just a fiber connector and fiber and no optics.

    For example for these diodes:
    3W 980

    15W 803-813

    Are there any good sources for lenses that you know of? Or is it not worth the effort trying to do this on a budget?

    If anyone have a 3-15W fiber diode laser including fiber and lens for sale at a reasonable price feel free to PM me!


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    Hi Daniel,

    look here, at the images where I've cleaved and glued the fiber-ends into PEEK capilaries and then into threaded brass tubes for the focus heads:,235148,page=5

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