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Thread: ABC input switch feeler

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    Default ABC input switch feeler

    Hi All,

    Right before SELEM I threw together a little box that allows switching between multiple ILDA inputs at the flip of a single 3 way switch. It ended up working out very well and I was wondering if anyone else would have a use for such a thing?

    The switch on the left (see pic below) controls which input is selected, in my case, up position is from the Wave-USB, middle position is from the Z-5 and down position is from my QM2K. This switches X/Y, RGB and shutter. The labeling for this can be customized or be as simple as input A, B and C.

    The center position in unique in that X/Y can be inverted, image size adjusted and color re-routed.

    Below are pics of the unit but if I build more I'd print up a circuit board.
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    Fancier and probably better than the printer AB switch boxes from the 90's that I've used before. I'm down for one. Duh!
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    I could use that in reverse like midi through.

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