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Thread: Halloween laser show, FAA clearance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    Looks like you've got a signal issue there, Hank. Could be related to the cable problem we discussed via e-mail. I'm starting to think you may have a damaged pin on your ILDA-in port on the projector.

    Regardless, the image should not tremble like that. It's not a galvo problem, it's a signal-to-noise problem, which strongly suggests a bad cable or a bad connector (port). It could also be faulty wiring inside the projector, but we know it was working OK before, and you haven't done anything to the internals recently, so that rules out bad wiring.


    Thanks, I really think it was just the outdoor setup and just interference from possibly the extension cord. The galvos are rock solid inside the house in the normal location. I'll test it again and see what happens. I'll also look for a bent pin in the ILDA port.

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    Ah... You mentioned the extension cord: If you had a bad ground on the power supplied to the projector, that could also be a problem.

    But yeah, if it's OK in the house, then the cables and ports are probably OK and it was a power/ground issue. I'd double-check though, just to be sure.


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