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Thread: ILDA specs

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    Quote Originally Posted by swamidog View Post
    yes.. that's what i was trying to say.

    Just a note - StageMate ISP was implemented with a reference in mind - in speed, resolution, precision, color shift/tweak (colors against colors) in steps of 250 ns, calibration etc.
    The average DAC may not need all that but IDN can span simple implementations to professional solutions... There already is a Raspberry PI prototype...


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    Quote Originally Posted by DexLogic View Post
    Jep - even better would be existing DACs could implement IDN...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnYayas View Post
    If soundcard DACs would send 0V to all channels when nothing is sent to them then I think they would be as safe as anything. But, that isn't the case, at least for some of them. It's a shame and something that the soundcard manufacturers could easily fix but I don't think they expect them to be used in this manner.
    Yep... What you get out of the CM6206 can vary with different versions of Windows and drivers. As for Win 10, the good news is that the MS provided generic USB driver seems to be just fine- color channels behave and go back to zero with nothing sent, but recent C-Media drivers for W10 can leave the color channels stuck at the last values that were sent. I now remember running into this crazy problem in a certain instance years ago... flashbacks!
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