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Thread: What? ... iShow 2.3 in win7-64bit?

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    Cool What? ... iShow 2.3 in win7-64bit?

    Hi folks, my first post here just wanting to share som information to anybody interested. So last week i obviously gave my self an early christmas present by having the iShow 2.3 Dac work in my light computer, a windows 7 -64bit machine.

    Im kinda new to laser scanning but I do have a hobby of dmx light controll and laser scanning. My setup is a bunch of china heads controlled by MagicQ and Enttec DMX usb pro, an LaserWorld 1000RGB with iShow 2.3

    I really hate carrying an extra computer with me, specially a 32bit-os so having nothing to do one day i plugged in the 2.3 Dac iShow in my computer; the win7-64bit.
    I then noticed that the DAC was identified as an USB22-card with no drivers to install so went on an google "USB22-card driver win7" and a lot of sites came up. Most of them were like, driveidentifier and other shady sites but one of them stod out and it is this site:

    I then downloaded the win7 drivers and my project was on

    So heres how it went:

    I went on with choosing to update drivers for my USB22-card from the computer management and choosed to "let me pick from a list of devices", then choosed a usb serial controller and then choosing "have disk". Browse to the downloaded drivers and choosed the USB 2.0 ARCHNET ADAPTER from the list of adapters showing. It then naged a bit as the driver is not signed (nothing unusual) but the driver GOT installed, no problems.

    Really excited about this i started iShow 2.3 software and voila, it found the dac allmost instantly!

    Heres a youtube video showing how it looks in my machine: (sorry for the focusing, poor light and my iPhone...)

    Spaghetti also finds the dac as an ishow dac which ive tested also but the really important thing is to install the USB 2.0 ARCHNET ADAPTER and not the other ones in the list as the DAC wont be identified by iShow or Spaghetti.

    Now i can hold on to iShow Dac for a while longer.

    Cheers and have fun!

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    Hmmm I might this a try. Also om Win10. Great find if it comes out as a steady solution.
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    I allready tried that. The win7 drivers does not work in a win10 giving an error when installing the driver and with the win8 drivers that gave me a blue screen in my win10 machine....

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