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Thread: Issue with Green diode not turning off

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    Default Issue with Green diode not turning off

    hello i have a 3 watt rgb cr animation laser. I have 4 of them but one when im controlling live with quickshow over idla and i go through the colors red becomes yellow. the green diode does not turn off. but will turn on and off playing a show and other stuff . I lost as to what the problem is.
    This is where i put all the lasers i have..and thats a lot..probably not enough space.

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    Doe the problem only happen when you have all 4 projectors connected? And if so, are you daisy-chaining the ILDA cables from one to the next? If so, try testing that projector all by itself.

    Also, are you using the Quickshow controller (the usb-connected FB3)? Or are you using an FB4?


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