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    My dumb ass may be someones gain. I'm not a gamer but, I play Borderlands online with a few people here and, at a holiday party we were hosting here last night, one of the door prizes was a Playstation VR Borderlands / Beat Saber bundle. I thought it had the actual Playstation console in the box and got all excited at the prospect of getting the VR version and I approached the girl that won it near the end of the night and asked if she wanted to walk out with cash instead. She agreed and I quick dashed off to my office for money. I discovered shortly thereafter, reading the outside of the box that it's only the goggles, beats sticks and games. I'm not going to throw another few hundred at my mistake just to play it so, it was suggested I list it on eBay and also post it here. I'm just looking to recoup what I paid.

    Here is a link for any who may be interested.

    Edit - SOLD
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