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Thread: Can someone identify this driver? (CNI Laser OEM type)

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    Default Can someone identify this driver? (CNI Laser OEM type)

    Hello, I need your help with a driver I found.

    Can someone tell me what's the maximum current output of this driver, and which potentiometers regulate what? I wanted to use it with Jenlas D2 as long as it can manage ~20A of current (looks beefy enough but I dont know its parameters). Thanks in advance! Photo attached. Also pinout of this connector in low right would be very helpful!
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    Laser Warning driver

    Know this driver from CNI. It's used in a the older Green 1-1.5w heads, it's the only ones i have seen it with. So current around max. 5 amps.
    For a jenlas D2 or equle you need a ~20-25A driver + dual H-bridge (heat+cool) TEC driver, to make it good stable power. The CNI driver is not a heat and cool version.
    There are sevel types of driver around. I have alot of the HB ones made for Jenlas and coherent sources. But whey was not cheap ones. think they was around 2K Euros pr. pcs.
    To take a look at OPT-laser in poland think he can help you in the high current and Heat and cool TEC driver also.


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