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Thread: volumetric fog screens (existing and ideas for improvements)

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    It's hard to tell if it's volumetric or just peppers on the surface of the smoke. Unless the projector was mounted below and projecting up through the smoke in differing layers, something impossible to do, I'd suggest that this is just peppers ghost even though the image appears to be to the eye to be volumetric in the smoke.

    As I see it, there's a simple question to ask if it's volumetric - how do you get the light to pass through the outer layers of a dense cloud of smoke without reflecting off and illuminating the outer particles only to illuminate and reflect off the particles in the centre of the smoke mass? I'd suggest that just as in a projection from below it's impossible to get light to pass through some layers of reflective particles without reflecting off them only to then reflect off others at a specific depth.

    In my opinion, whilst the smoke may be volumetric, what you're seeing is a projection onto the surface of the smoke just like with a water screen or with a peppers ghost effect onto glass / mylar film. The clever part is the projection is very 3D in appearance but I'd suggest that's down to the source rather than the smoke juts like Pepper's Ghost. I'd like to be proven wrong, but that's what I suspect.

    The only examples I've seen of true holographic projection are made with lasers where the laser is able to produce light by causing what I understand to be plasma gas to form at a specific point in space by heating the air causing the emission of light. They aren't very advanced in terms of detail:

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    Based on size of available straws. Trial error. Except for the need of the orrifice to be completely free of defects the rest is pretty forgiving.

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