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Thread: Beyond 4.0 Cinema 4d and Cinema 4d...

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    Default Beyond 4.0 Cinema 4d and Cinema 4d...

    Hello everyone.

    Many years ago I looked on in awe when I first saw that Pangolin made the 3d Studio / LD2000 era laser show tools.

    At SELEM 2018 Pangolin announced the C4D plugin was now available on Beyond 4.0 on the Advanced level! Lightbulbs went off in my head. 3d edge-traced lightbulbs, that is. Much thanks! I was bummed when I saw the C4D/3DS plugins were originally both on Ultimate as so far I'm on Advanced. But now I have a shot at playing with this.

    What would I need to do character animation from Cinema 4d into Beyond Advanced?

    From what I can tell the current version of Cinema 4d Studio is the only one with character animation. What about using older versions? Since 95% of the functionality of the rendering software is tossed away when you're just edge tracing I wouldn't be sad if I could get away with Cinema 4d that is like 4 or 5 copies back. But I don't know much about it.

    I assume it's possible to download / buy licensed "pre-wired" models and make em dance and stuff?

    Years ago Autodesk mailed me a 3d Studio Character Studio demo CD with a video and it blew me away. So that is my reference to all of this character animation stuff.

    Any pointers appreciated!
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    Bubble burst time.....

    the 3d animation from a 3d mesh character to laser would be a mess. You have to do traditional cel style animation. Iíve tried it. Sure it works on squares and spheres and such but on a complex character the edges and interesections needed require a lot of points and contours. It only works for simple shapes. Now if you draw 2d and animate in the space as 3d it works really well. Look at the latest holiday show pangolin did. Characters require a lot of work. 3d rendering isnít a shortcut. Well sort of but itís got limits.

    i got a Wacom monitor and Iím learning to draw. No shortcut unfortunately.

    even drawing on paper and tracing works better for characters. Read that right. Not dissing 3d

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    its very complex.... there is a reason why there are entire jobs devoted to certain areas of it and entire studies for it.
    models and riggings need to be VERY clean.
    Are you willing to dedicate some years?

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