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Thread: GoldenStar RGB 3000

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    Wohooo finally managed to get some "decent" alignment by tweaking the mounts and a bit of luck, definitely not perfect but acceptable to me, for now...
    the reds remains "aligned" whether the projector is 3m or 12m from wall so it guess we're pretty good regarding parallelism of the beams. We're getting there thanks guys!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good you had some success.
    Yes, with knife edging you have to make some sacrifices usually.
    The trick is to get the beam from the left red in your module pic as close to the tip of the prism as possible, and have a little bit of waste beam down the back of the prism.
    Then get the right hand beam as close to the tip of the left prism as possible where it comes across - again a little bit of waste beam is going to hit the back of the prism.
    So you sacrifice a bit of lost power (although its not where the most power is), for a beam that is more coherent and singular, and probably a bit more power density as a result.
    I think that GS play it a bit too safe in terms of the clipping, which leads to nice high power figures, but with that big gap in the middle.
    I may just put a PBS and waveplate in mine.

    You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?

    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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