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Thread: Opt Laser - whats the current opinion on them?

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    Default Opt Laser - whats the current opinion on them?

    So, there are a few threads from 4-5 years ago on the forum about Opt laser, mostly pretty negative, service issues, bad products, etc. Elmer was the sales person at the time.
    Time has moved on, they have some reasonable looking products now, and prices are keen.
    Has anyone actually got experience with them recently?
    I've been having some fairly good interactions with them via Messenger, but even when they're cheap, it's still a fair whack of money when you're buying 10W+ in multiples.
    The Chinese seem to have settled on some fairly standard RGB all in 1 designs it seems - diode banks, cylindrical corrections, stack 'em up with a knife edge, and combine with dichro.
    So nothing too complex or exotic and nothing in there I couldn't fix/adjust myself. But anything fundamentally wrong with them?
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    they kept my 60.00 and never sent me a yellow laser. i should ask again...

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