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Thread: Big MG HECAD for sale 140 mW blue

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    Default Big MG HECAD for sale 140 mW blue

    I have a large melles griot hecad that is surplus to my needs

    442 nm multimode, basically new out of box,

    factory sticker says 137 mW, I measured 160+ after warmup.

    I need to upgrade my Pangolin and have argons sticking out of my ears,

    So if you would like a nice blue laser with soft almost silent air cooling with a long life ahead of it, 1200$ plus shipping. Deliverable to SELEM at no charge.

    I can sell you a spare psu for 150$ if you purchase the laser.

    Shippping is gonna be somewhat expensive as I will put a wood crate around this beast and will send it insured, probably ground freight. This was the spare for a lung cancer detection experiment, they broke the main, installed this guy for a short while and dropped the project, so the tube is really just seasoned and burned in. I will film a video of it working so if the shipping company breaks it, you can go after them.

    I will leave this offer open till the day before SELEM, after that it goes on the Bay with a higher starting price. Cost new was ~26K, a new tube is ~17K, so some scientific user will snap it up in a heartbeat.

    Shipping to Europe Ok if your nation is not on the export control list, but its very expensive. Buyer responsible for any taxes, customs, duties, etc I reserve the right not to sell it if I think your shipping scheme will break it or if your under 18.
    location is northeastern Ohio. If your close to Ohio I can deliver it on a weekend at cost of gas/travel.

    Steve Roberts
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    O you dirty, dirty man... If you don't sell this you HAVE to bring it to SELEM anyways!!! I may talk to the bank for this...
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    I wouldnt mind this myself. However the shipping would probably be quite prohibitive.

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    Hi Steve,
    Do you still have the laser? We may be interested at $1,200 plus shipping. Phil 142laser
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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