We've just launched Modulaser 1.5!
We've been trying to listen to your feedback for bugs and features, and added these things:


  • MIDI clock BPM sync! If you have a device that sends MIDI clock signals, we can now calculate the BPM from it! Enable it first in the preferences.
  • Mixer modulator; this is an advanced modulator to mix multiple signals together, invert them and apply smoothing to your inputs.
  • Blackout button; for when you want to really quickly toggle the laser output without disconnecting your DAC. Tip: use esc on your keyboard to toggle!
  • Press spacebar multiple times to sync the BPM.
  • Precise sequencer values; you can now enter an exact value for each sequence bar instead of only being able to drag the bars.
  • Duration between clips when using auto-play is now configurable in the preferences.
  • Double-click on a projection map name to change it.


  • For some DAC's you had to press the "start DAC" button twice before it would actually send laser output.
  • The Laserdock DAC would only work for the first time, when you would start and stop it again there would be no laser output.
  • Fixed a weird issue with disappearing clips after a second file is opened.
  • Changing the BPM by typing a new BPM in the text field was nearly impossible.
  • Many bugs with ILDA recording have been fixed.